Abduragmaan Walker

Abduragmaan was a young man in 2014, wondering around the harbor of Cape Town, wanting to work at sea, since most of the men in his family are seaman. Naturally h was not successful as he did not have any experience, or the relevant documentation needed to work at sea.

On his way to town, he walked passed the Salesian Institute Youth Projects building in Greenpoint. There was a group standing around talking. When he asked them what was going on, they told him that they are enrolling into the Waves of Change program, a program that prepares youth at risk in the Cape Town area, for working at sea.Abduragmaan, could not believe his luck. He joined the group and completed the registration and subsequent Life skills training. The Salesian Projects assisted Abduragmaan to obtain all the relevant training and the seaman’s book, a very important piece of documentation required by officials to enable someone to work at sea.

Aduraagman got his first job on a fishing vessel called “Desert Diamond” in 2014.

Abduraagmaan is 23, he is married and has child. He now can provide for his family. He has now secured employment on the SA Agulhas leaving for Antarctica. The S Agulhas is a South African ice-strengthened training ship and former polar research vessel. They go out on expeditions for 6 months at a time. Abduraagmaan is very excited about this opportunity and experience. He has dreams and aspirations to grow his career even further. The Waves of Change Program gave him that window of opportunity.