Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Cycling for Cape Town’s Most Vulnerable Youth.

Seven of these cyclists are doing it for the Salesian youth projects, challenging themselves to make every kilometre count and raise funds for the Salesian youth projects right here in Cape Town.

Meet our cyclists below: Alan Bennet, Justin Krause, Preston Roman, Fergus Kenny, Jutta Gatternig & Brigitte Sachs-Schaffer.

Fergus, Brigitte, Jutta, Preston, Alan, Brent & Justin are raising funds in order to help keep the gates of the Salesians open for the children and youth who have nowhere else to go. Please show your support for them by making a donation in their honor.

Thank you.

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Picture1-150Alan Bennet

This is Alan’s 1st Cape Town Cycle Tour however he has been mountain biking for 5 years.

Picture2-150Justin Krause

This year will be Justin’s 9th Cape Town Cycle Tour. He resides in Kensington.

Picture3-150Preston Roman

Wait for it – this is Preston’s 22nd Cape Town Cycle Tour! This should be a walk in the park for him!

Picture4-150Fergus Kenny

Originally from Dublin, Fergus Kenny lives here in Cape Town and is turning 85 later this year!! Fergus has successfully completed the 109km cycle challenge four years in a row, and looks forward to his fifth consecutive on Sunday Match 12th. He takes his training seriously and tries to do at least 50kms twice a week.

When asked what motivates and inspires him, Fergus smiles and says, “I do it mostly to keep myself out of mischief! We must remember what is important, sometimes I get down on my knees and thank the good Lord I am still up on my feet!”

Picture5-150Jutta Gatternig

Jutta is from Austria and cycling is one of her favorite sporting hobbies as it gives her a sense of freedom and pleasure. When Jutta was diagnosed with cancer on her 40th birthday, the vision of continuing her life with activities she loved gave her the power to overcome her challenge in beating cancer. Climbing mountains and the power of nature are energizers.

Participating in the Cape Town Cycle race is her way of showing gratitude to life and her contribution towards the youth of Cape Town who master challenges every day.

Picture6-150Brigitte Sachs-Schaffer

Brigitte is also from Austria and was inspired by watching the cycle in 2016 while volunteering with the Salesian Institute.

“Ever since I was a spectator at the CTCT last year, I immediately knew I wanted to participate myself. I decided I would do it for the Salesians, who I was working with as a volunteer.

I knew it would be a major challenge as I have never done anything like this in my life! And I never thought I would be one to participate in a “crazy” long event like this.

However, when I thought about it, I thought I could really do something like this to help young people who are not as privileged as me. And the young people who attend the Salesian Youth Projects really need our help as they have no other options. The Salesian Institute is really their only hope of lifting themselves out of an environment where they are constantly at risk and where there is little hope of getting a job. So the decision was easy for me. I knew I could do it for them. I am also looking forward to the breath-taking scenery and the amazing atmosphere from spectators, supporters and participants”.

brent_martinBrent Martin

This will be Brent’s 10th Cape Town Tour Cycle. He is also busy training for his first Comrades Marathon. He has a physiotherapy practice in Paarl and is involved in Varsity & Club Rugby

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