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Things We Always Need:

In-Kind Donations of Equipment, Materials, Supplies and Service

There are hundreds of ways you can help us implement our programmes. The needs are many.

If you have equipment, materials and supplies that you can donate from within South Africa, our five programmes will put them to excellent use.

We need the following:

  • Stationery: pens, paper, paper clips, staplers, document folders
  • Dry or Canned Food of any type for our school
  • Office Equipment: data projectors, scanners and printers
  • Sports Equipment: basket balls, footballs, football boots, clothing, swimming gear and towels
  • Toiletries: shampoo, anti-perspirant and so on: these are seldom a priority in the households our students come from
  • Cameras, digital and video to record the impact of the programs and share with donors
  • Paint: we badly need to have rooms painted and refurbished.
  • Kitchen:Equipment needed for Food Preparation Course.

If you can donate any of the above supplies or can volunteer your time to help with refurbishment locally within South Africa, please contact us at

If you wish to make a donation to help underwrite these goods, please

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