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The SALESIAN INSTITUTE YOUTH PROJECTS (SIYP) offers valuable help to those most in need through our youth skills development programmes.

We’re asking generous people like yourself to support our efforts and our beneficiaries All funds raised goes directly to the PROGRAMMES continuing into 2023.

Donations from individuals are an essential source of dependable funds for SIYP. They are gifts we can count on, through good times and bad. With your help, we can plan for the future, expand our programmes and reach more youth. This is how your contribution can assist a young person.

All our programme beneficiaries receive something to eat during the day whilst attending our programmes.

Our Daily Feeding Programme

The Learners at the Learn to Live School of Skills receive 3 meals per day, as we believe that no one can learn on an empty stomach

Transport Support is Essential

Our programme beneficiaries travel from various communities situated on the outskirts of Cape Town to attend our programmes situated in Green Point Cape Town. It is our duty to assist where we can with transport fares

Four Skills Programmes

The operational costs to ensure our programmes run efficiently demands significant budget allocations. We are grateful to our funders for their support. As an individual you can contribute monthly towards these costs.

Our vision: “To offer hope and dignity to youth, allowing them to take their rightful place in society.” Through education and skills training we increase youth employability!

The Salesian Institute Youth Projects help change the lives of hundreds of Cape Town’s at-risk children and young adults every year. Through job training, education and life skills development, these broken and desperate young people learn discipline, motivation and self-respect. They are given the guidance and support they need to get on with their lives – at home, at school and at work.


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