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Poverty and poor education can not be wiped out in a single generation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps in the right direction. Salesian Institute Youth Projects works through the Learn to Live School of Skills, to give each generation of children a better chance at success than their parents had. Learn to Live presents a holistic approach for youth who, due to socio-economic circumstances, cannot gain access to, or cope in, mainstream schooling. Skills training and basic education are made available to
children and youth between the ages of 13 and 18.

Dignity through small gestures

School uniforms play an important part in society. Beyond just providing a practical outfit for children to go to school, a uniform also gives students a sense of pride in their appearance and a sense of BELONGING.It signals to the world that this child is ready to learn and to believe in themselves.

School Meals

Hungry children cannot concentrate at school. Good nutrition and a healthy start to the day helps children engage and retain their learning. Most of our learners struggle to get enough to eat at home so each child receives breakfast, sandwich and a cooked lunch daily.
Help ensure that children are fed healthy and nutritious meals each day by sponsoring School Meals:

– R300 could provide a daily meal for 20 children
– R750 could provide a daily meal for 50 children
– R3,000 could provide a daily meal for 200 children

School Uniforms

Uniforms are essential for attending School. The sad reality is that many families cannot afford the cost. A school uniform helps provides an identity and a sense of belonging for children who have
fallen through the cracks of society. We supply a shirt, skirt/pants, socks and shoes to each child.
Help ensure that children are dressed for success by sponsoring School Uniforms:
– R300 could provide a uniform to one child
– R1,500 could provide a uniform to five children
– R7,500 could provide a uniform to 25 children

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