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Amir: “The lifeskills helped me to prepare for life at sea; it really helped me with issues such as discipline.”

Rosko: “Whatever your heart believes, so shall it be. If you believe you can persevere, then you will attain success. Lifeskills prepared me and helped me with anger management.”

Denzelo: “I am a former drug addict, I was addicted to drugs for 17 years. I tried many institutions. When I am at sea, there’s no time to think about drugs. Mr Focus told me that I must be clean before I start the programme. Ever since I did the lifeskills course, I told myself that I must be clean from drugs and cannot afford to go back to that lifestyle.”

Faiz: “A friend of mine told me about Mr Focus. I started the lifeskills programme like a loose cannon. Mr. Focus told me to stop playing around and get serious about life. I pulled myself together and I got serious. The lifeskills helped me a lot with discipline and focusing on my goals and what I want to be in life. Mr. Focus stirs the fire inside of you. My mother cried on the day of my graduation from the Waves of Change programme because she saw the change in me”

Advice for the young: “In the workplace communication, discipline, time management and being professional are key to success. Nothing in life comes for free, you got to work hard for it, and you must believe that you can achieve it. If you do not have a goal of where you want to be, don’t give up. Try your best to get there, even if it is a struggle. People respect me for the fact that I don’t do drugs anymore and being free from drugs, that in itself is one hell of a change! Sacrifice, and drive, are the reason for doing what you do. Find it in yourself to motivate yourself and have a purpose, find a reason for your existence. Sacrifice will pay off in the long run.”

Mpho Masitha [2016-2017]

Lessons learnt from lifeskills: “To be me, to be proud of who I am. Another important aspect I learned from the lifeskills, is finance. We were taught how to handle money responsibly. Teamwork is another important part of developing oneself. Sharing ideas with each other and communicating as a team. In the workplace, punctuality is highly valued because it shows that you are a responsible person. One of the things I enjoy about my job is that it takes me to far-off places such as Gough Island and Marion Island, which is where South Africa has its weather station.”

Message to the youth: “If you want to be something in life, push for it. No one can force you.”

Oscar Anthony graduated from the Learn to Live School in 2018: “My time at Learn to Live was great fun. Teachers encouraged and guided me. Things that shaped me. Well, I always say it starts with the small things, such as Please and Thank you. To be grateful for the things we receive at school, whether it be food or education. It’s the small things that have an impact on your life. I am currently studying Business Practice through Siyaya College, being a part-time student. Part of my studies involves doing my practical here at Sentinel Primary School, such as admin work.”

Advice for the young: “School is good and fun, even though it has its challenges. Tell yourself to keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Listen to your teachers. Show 100% commitment, you got to push through, perseverance. Be the best that you can be. I am inspired by Jeremiah’s “I know the plans I have for you, that will make you prosper” God has a plan for you. When your mother carried you for 9 months, she never gave up on you. She raised you not to quit. The fact that she carried you for 9 months, is a sign of hope. You are the gift that keeps on giving. When everything crumbles, I go to the ONE that keeps on giving. Turn to God and ask him to show you what to do. God never gives up hope on us.”

Kelley Williams: “I began the PTRC program in March 2017 and she is currently doing her apprenticeship at Volkswagen Claremont, which started in November 2019. I became interested in cars because my dad used to fix them. I used to help him in his workshop, and that’s how my love and passion for motor mechanics began. Some aspects of the lifeskills such as communication and teamwork have helped me in my work environment. If you work together, then things get done faster as they say “many hands make light work. I thought being a girl would be a disadvantage because people always associate motor mechanics with being a man’s job. I was pleasantly surprised by the way I was accepted here at VW Claremont, and I get treated just like all the other staff. They have accepted me for who I am, and I don’t get treated any different just because I am a woman.”

Advise to the youth: “If you are passionate about something, do it!”

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