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The Salesian Institute Youth Projects Team in Cape Town are very fortunate to have corporate support locally and internationally to support our vital work. We make every effort to cultivate strategic partnerships with corporations that share our vision of investing in childhood and youth and to restore the basic human rights they have been denied. We always ensure that partner support is executed, measured and replicated with success for lasting impact.

Who Do We Partner With?

We partner with the private sector to strive for more effective change and better delivery of services to address the challenges faced by the most vulnerable youth who come to us for help

Specifically, we work with:

  • Corporate Foundations to implement programmes focused on life skills, training and job opportunities, e.g.  Foundations.
  • Companies who are willing to donate goods or help with placements for our students or job opportunities.
  • Employees of companies who choose to organise a fundraiser to support our work. We welcome visits to our programmes to see our work first hand and welcome our volunteers’ support in talking about our work and raising funds.
  • R&D and New Product Development teams to advise on innovative products that meet the special needs of children in low-income settings.
  • Communications and Sales and Marketing experts who help with sales and marketing and help us create cause-aligned campaigns and programmes that leverage the power of our combined brands.
  • HR departments to craft opportunities for employee engagement through single-day volunteerism and multi-month fellowship programmes.
  • Government and Corporate Affairs teams on shared advocacy and communication strategies that seek to affect policy changes that impact children and youth, e.g. Western Cape Departments of Education and Social Development.
  • Industry coalitions on mutual areas of interest, bringing collective support to large-scale projects.

You don’t have to be physically located in Cape Town to help. There are many very practical ways to help us remotely. We are so grateful for the generosity and support of our current partners, who have helped to transform children’s lives by changing the course of their futures. We have many appeals and campaigns that need your help, so please call us or contact us by email today:

Donate Goods to Our Programmes:

 If you have any equipment, materials or supplies you can donate, we have a long list of recipients that will put them to excellent use:

Vocational Training Materials

Building Blocks
Chef Knives
Coffee Machine (For Training students)
Stoves and Ovens
Baking Pans
Measuring cups
Cake mixer
Food processor
Baking mini moulds
Brule round cups
Oval and square plates
Tin openers
Vacuum pack machine
Blow gun torch
Hob electrical oven
Gas Cylinders
Cutting Boards

Safety shoes
Chef Uniforms

Hairdressing Kits

Hairdressing supplies


Clothing for both males and females

Stationary & Equipment

Flip chart paper
Art Powder Paints red, blue, yellow, white, black
Flip Chart Markers red, blue, black, green
Calculators Kenko KK8838 or similar x 30
A4 Laminating Sheets (2×75 micron) x 100 Sheets
A3 Laminating Sheets (2×75 micron) x 50 Sheets
White Board Wheeled portable
Flash drives (USB)

PA system

Cordless Microphone
Professional Camera
Multiple [surge protector]
Building Blocks

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