Have A Heart.

As human beings which of us doesn’t want to experience the feelings of love, of feeling you really matter? Well this year, we want you to help remind young people at risk that they matter.

The Salesian Youth Project team (www.salesianyouth.org.za) is dedicated to caring for 1,600 street children and youth at risk. For over 100 years we have been creating futures for youth in dire need, providing them with a safe haven, offering training in a wide range of sectors (maritime, computers, construction, hospitality). We create the environment where they can believe in themselves and ultimately are ready to create their own future. Last year, the placement rate of these youth in jobs was 83%.

So please HAVE A HEART. Donate today to the Salesian Youth Projects and help transform the lives of youth who were born into lives of poverty and extreme struggles. You can transform someones life by donating to the Youth Employment Skills Project.

Have a heart. Donate today.

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