Mogamat Sabre Safiedien

Mogamat joined the Learn to Live School of Skills in 2014 after being home for almost 2 years doing Islamic studies. When Mogamat arrived at the school it was found that he had a lot of potential and showed the teachers that he could by-pass Year 2 and advance straight to Year 4 in 2016.

Mogamat sees himself as a bit of a loner. Not to get distracted by friends and peer groups, he avoided being part of a specific friendship circle at the school. The reason was that he did not want anything to interfere with his schooling as he had a dream to become someone very successful one day. As part of the vocational training offered at the school, Mogamat enrolled into the Welding workshop which he enjoyed very much. He found it very fulfilling. After school he would join friends in his Mitchells Plain community working in this field and helped them with small projects to gain experience.

With his Learn to Live welding competency certificate, Mogamat wanted to find employment in this field, but it was very hard, so to make ends meet, he started a small vendor business in the community selling fresh fruit. Mogamat soon had to give this up, as conflict on the streets made it dangerous to continue selling fruit. Mogamat found an interim job as a transport van assistant at Overberg Food Distribution. He still wanted to pursue a career in welding.

Mogamat applied for several internships in Cape Town but was turned down every time. In 2018 he resubmitted his application for an internship at Grootte Schuur Hospital. On 4 May 2018, Mogamat was accepted into the Grootte Schuur Internship Programme. Forming part of the maintenance team, learning more about the skill of welding, Mogamat is smiling at the prospect of a bright future.

This is a one-year internship that can evolve into further training opportunities.

Mogamat grew up with his mother and an absent father. He can now help is mother financially and build on his dream to become a coded welder one day. Needless to say, his family is super proud of him and we here at the Salesian Institute Youth Projects will follow his career with interest and support.

“The Learn to Live School and its teachers, who always supported me, made this possible. Thank you, Salesian Institute Youth Projects.”