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NEET is the term in use for youth ages 18 to 26 not in employment, education, or training.

SIYP aims to provide a critical service to NEETs through an intervention strategy combining Lifeskills Training with Vocational Skill Training, packaged in an innovative approach to student-centred education through a project-based learning methodology. NEETs youth are empowered through re-engagement with learning, the development of entrepreneurial skills, and exposure to workplace experiences.

The NEETs programme offers education in innovative and engaging pedagogy. In line with Learn to Live’s Project-based-learning approach, it adopts the same platform to develop work readiness for youth at risk that have not completed their basic education.

The emphasis is on the design and facilitation of high-quality learning experiences that are relevant to learners in today’s rapidly changing technology-driven world.

The NEETS beneficiaries are recruited from specific disadvantaged communities within the greater Cape Town area to create a tipping point of social change within the beneficiaries’ communities.

This is a SAQA-accredited in-house programme with a National Certificate in New Venture Creations, via the Services SETA completed over 12 months consisting of three modules:

Module 1 – Foundation Module (30 weeks)

Learning takes place on-site at the Salesian Institute Youth Projects premises in Greenpoint, Cape Town. The first 2 weeks concentrate on orientation and Lifeskills, whereas the coverage of core academic modules is focused on preparing students for learning. As a few students have not been in training for some time, refresher modules in languages, mathematics etc. are covered, to ensure all students are on a level where they can actively participate and absorb information. Only then, the New Ventures Creation modules are worked through.

Module 2 – Internship in Social Enterprises (6 weeks)

Learning takes place within community-based projects that address key needs, engaging with social responsibility and developing their understanding of good citizenship. Project management and action learning are key outcomes of this module.

In Module 3 – Organisation Module (12 weeks)

Workplace learning takes place within a partner organisation of choice, developing organisational and work literacy skills. SIYP partners with various entrepreneur skill-driven industries: Insurance; Food & Beverage and Wholesale/Retail. Within reason, students will have the option to do their learnerships/internship in one of these industries.

Supporting the skills training and employment of these unskilled, young individuals will empower them to lead active, productive, and successful lives, thereby counteracting inequality, and elevating destitute communities out of poverty.

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