Tasleem Jacobs

Tasleem completed the Waves of Change course in February 2016. He worked odd jobs at the harbour for a few months on-and-off. His family has a history of following careers in the fishing industry and this has been a dream of his to follow in their footsteps.

He did not have the right documentation or training to enable him to apply for jobs related to the fishing industry and going out to sea.

Someone at the harbour told him about the Salesian Institute Youth Projects and the Waves of Change course assisting young men and woman to pursue a career at sea.

His involvement in drugs when young, took him on a path less desired. He realized he needed to change his path for a better future.

“I walked around Greenpoint for almost 5 days looking for the building” Tasleem recalls.  After enrolling and completing the course, he was unemployed for months. He has a wife and child to support and it was very hard.  One day Tasleem received a call from Kurt, one of the Waves of Change program coordinators to come and see him. He was told on arrival that there is a sea vessel in the harbour looking for someone and that he must go immediately. They were leaving the harbour that day still. The Waves of Change personnel quickly gathered some much-needed toiletries to assist him and Tasleem started his new adventure, not knowing these events would unfold that very morning. 10 Days later Taseem was back with some money in his pocket to pay for bills and his family was super proud and thankful.

Tasleem now has a job and he loves going out to sea. He says: “This is a small training vessel, but a really good opportunity. I am so thankful for the Salesians assistance!”

The Waves of Change Program touch approximately 200 young lives annually. Youth at risk who wants to pursue a career at sea, can approach Salesian Institute Youth Projects to assist them with much needed documentation, training and possible job placements.