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The Natural Leadership of Don Bosco

As Salesians, we are very fortunate to have Don Bosco as our model and guide. Not only was he a natural leader but he was able to articulate it in writing for his followers. He called it the Preventive System. He based it on the gentleness of St Francis de Sales who said that: “you catch more flies with a spoonful of honey than with a barrel of vinegar”.

Don Bosco based his system on three pillars.


  • Listen: to hear what the other person is saying before trying to offer a solution; to listen at a deeper level than the words that are spoken; to listen to the emotions that the tone gives.
  • Act effectively, in awareness and without bias.
  • Motivate people to their highest levels by offering opportunities not obligations.


  • Provide what is nowadays called a “safe and secure environment” for youth, one in which they feel “at home”.
  • Mentor youth by an example of integrity and “the kindly word in the ear”.

Loving kindness:

  • “Not only must you love the young, but they must know that they are loved” he said.
  • Treat young people with the utmost respect.
  • Earn their confidence and be a steady guiding presence among them.

This form of leadership enables others to grow in a safe and loving environment. We all thrive on being accepted and loved as we are. It is so much better to do things out of love than out of fear.

SIYP Cape Town Senior Leadership Team:

  • Fr Francois Dufour, CEO
  • Ms Denise Orgill, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mr Tony Austen, Principal Learn to Live School of Skills
  • Mr Feizal Fredericks, Program Coordinator PTRC-ZA
  • Mr Gabriel Hamuy NEETs Programme Facilitator
  • Ms Frieda Pehlivan, Communications Manager
  • Ms Jo da Silva, Fundraising Manager
  • Mr Wiesiek Romanczuk, Facilities Manager

SIYP Board of Directors:

  • Lynn Stevens (Chairperson)
  • Chris Vietri (Vice-Chair)
  • Barry Jordan (Finance Committee Leader)
  • Fr Joy Sebastian (SDB Provincial Representative)
  • Fr Francois Dufour (CEO)
  • Fr Robert Gore (SI Rector)
  • John Doidge
  • Ivan Neethling
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