Zintathu Salman

Zintathu lives in Khayelitsha with her sister and uncle. When she completed matric in 2016, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life and did not have the means to enroll into courses that can possibly lead to a career. She stayed home for a couple of month’s not knowing how this would end for her.

A friend told her about the Salesian Institute Youth projects and the courses on offer, as her friend recently completed a course at the Salesian’s YES (Youth Employment Skills) program.

Zintathu randomly enrolled into the Computer Maintenance and Mobile App Development course, not knowing if she will be able to do it, or even like it. Zintathu loved it! Suddenly she discovered a growing interest in computer maintenance and development. Researched a lot and found herself drawn into a brand-new world with a brand-new lingua.

A week after completing her course, the Salesian Institute Youth Projects called to offer her a place on a course, sponsored by one of the SIYP partner organisations, Girl Hype. This course was through the University if the Western Cape (UWC) in Android Development. She succeeded and now holds a Diploma from UWC!

That’s not the last, Zintathu took a further opportunity offered by Girl Hype to enroll into a Java Programming course and she applied for an internship at ABSA, which she says looks very promising.

“I am so grateful that I could discover myself and my passion, all thanks to the Salesian Institute Youth Projects. I look forward to build my career and buy my own car one day.” She further says that the friends she made whilst on course, will be lifelong friends, and all of them are also in favorable situations now, compared to before.

We are keen to follow Zintathu’s progress and wish her all the best. Thank you to all the donors making dreams a reality in the lives of some of our youths, enabling opportunities for them.