facilitating training for the maritime industry

Sea fishing is a large industry in South Africa, especially along the Western Cape coastline. The Salesian Institute Youth Projects realised the need for youth with low levels of education to be gainfully employed to contribute to the financial needs of their families and communities. The Cape Town harbour is on our doorstep, with a result we partnered with large sea fishing companies in the sector as well as various training Institutions that have accreditation and approved by SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority)  providers in the sector to train young men and women ages 18 to 35 from disadvantaged backgrounds.

All the participants complete a 10-day Lifeskills Programme and then go on to complete Safety and Familiarisation Courses, including Personal Survival Techniques, and obtain their SAMSA Medical Certificates, and (seafarer’s record book and certificates of discharge) which are requirements to become seafarers. Some of these costs are covered by the Institute if enough funding is available, alternatively, the beneficiaries must cover some of the costs.

The maritime industry affords these youngsters a career path, something they cannot easily access in other sectors due to their low level of education & socioeconomic circumstances. The objective of the WOC project is to empower disadvantaged and unemployed youth between the ages of 18–35 years from Cape Town and surrounding areas by preparing them to find work in the maritime industry.

For those females who find the idea of working at sea daunting, due to its immense physical requirements, the Waves of Change Programme is offering a specific course to females interested in sewing:


This newly acquired programme is a 3-month course at the Salesian Institute Youth Projects, teaching females of Cape Town and surrounds who can read and write hand-sewing and machine-sewing techniques. The course starts with two weeks Lifeskills course, followed by a three months sewing course that will enable participants to sew basic garments for their use or to generate income through a home-based business.

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